Q&A: Are Google Apps for Education really free?

Question by Jeremy: Are Google Apps for Education really free?
According to the IT Director at my school

“It has more to do with interfacing with administrative applications.
to do so is not free.”

What are these administrative applications and how much are they?

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Answer by Nathan
Yes, it really is free. Google provides many services that are otherwise costly to educators free of charge. Everything there is free, and there is no charge for using administrative applications. Go to www.google.com/a/help/intl/en/edu to learn more.
You can, however purchase additional applications not required from the Google Apps Marketplace. Even so, all the necessary applications, and some more, are provided free of charge. The “paid apps” are basically to expand the Applications further into the classroom, and really aren’t needed at all.

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Reading Books on iPhone/iPod Touch ( Stanza)

Stanza an eBook reader for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Enjoy :)
Video Rating: 3 / 5

Twitter: twitter.com Site: stateofjailbreak.com In this video I take a look at Google Books as part of my three way comparison to decide the best iPhone and iPod touch eBook app. Google Books is a newcomer to the eBook scene but it brings with it an enormous library of free titles as well as a decent selection of paid books. Google Books is heavily dependent on the web to download your books and keep them synced however it’s somewhat underwhelming interface has it’s drawbacks.


Cool, FREE apps for Verizon iPhone?

Question by iaintgotnovoiice: Cool, FREE apps for Verizon iPhone?
What are some cool and FREE apps for the iphone? I refuse to pay for any apps lol. I already have facebook, twitter, imdb, my fitness pal, td bank, words with friends, amazon.com, flixster, urbanspoon, groupon, pandora, i heart radio, angry birds, google translate, the onion, msnbc.com, iled flashlight, wordfeud, moron test, WEcam, doodle cam… are there any apps you would recommend? not looking for anything in particular.. just any cool apps at all!

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Answer by ListOfApp
You have a great collection. I also use the following:

Art Studio
Contract Killer
Gun Bros
Tower Defense
TuneIn Radio

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Question by hottcutebabe: Which One Has More Free Apps? iPhone4 or Droid Phones?? 10Pts?
What are the Pros and Cons for iPhone4 and Droid Phones?? and Which one has more apps?

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Answer by bloody_songbird
I just got a droid. It rocks, there are so many apps. Totally amazing phone.

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